Shillong Night Teer Common Number

Shillong Night Teer is a hugely popular archery-based lottery game played daily in the city of Shillong in Meghalaya. This traditional lottery has been played for decades now and enjoys a dedicated following from across North Eastern states.

The game is simple – 12 archery clubs participate and shoot arrows on a target. The last two digits of the total number of arrows shot become the winning numbers. Shillong Night Teer is organized twice daily – at 8:30 PM and 10:45 PM.

For players, guessing these winning numbers correctly is the key to winning the Shillong Night Teer lottery. This is where the concept of “common numbers” comes in very handy. Common numbers refer to the numbers that have a higher probability of getting hit and making it to the winning chart. These include direct numbers, house numbers, endings and target numbers.

Having knowledge of these Shillong Night Teer common numbers can significantly improve the chances of winning. Through analysis of previous results and calculated predictions, common numbers provide a probable set of numbers expected to be in the winning list.

Shillong Night Teer Common Number



What is Shillong Night Teer?

To understand common numbers, we first need to understand the lottery game itself.

Shillong Night Teer has its roots in the traditional sport of archery, which is very popular among the Khasi tribes of Meghalaya. It was legalized and organized into a state lottery in 1982 by the Meghalaya government.

The game is played between 12 archery clubs at the Polo Ground in Shillong. Each club sends its archers who shoot arrows at the target during the designated time. The total number of arrows shot is tallied, and the last two digits of the total become the winning numbers.

Shillong Night Teer is organized twice every day:

  • First round at 8:30 PM
  • Second round at 10:45 PM

Hundreds of people wait eagerly outside the Polo Ground to witness the scores and see if their numbers match. Ticket prices range from Re 1 to Rs 100 per number. Winners get Rs 80 for every Re 1 bet on that number.

The game has gained cult status not just in Meghalaya but also in neighboring states like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. Enthusiasts play Shillong Night Teer daily and some even consider common numbers their secret weapon for winning!

Understanding Common Numbers

Common numbers refer to the numbers that have a higher probability of getting hit in the Shillong Night Teer lottery. These numbers are derived through careful analysis of previous results over many years. Certain formulas, calculations and combinations are applied on the data to predict numbers with higher chances of appearing in the winning chart.

While common numbers do not guarantee a win, having knowledge of them can certainly improve your probability of guessing the right winning numbers. Let’s understand the major types of common numbers:

Types of Common Numbers

  • Direct Numbers – These are specific numbers themselves which have a high frequency of getting hit. Based on data, certain numbers like 0, 5, 7, 9 may emerge as direct numbers for a period of time.
  • House Numbers – These are one-digit numbers from 0 to 9 that have a higher possibility of being part of the winning pair. For example, the house number may be 7 for a certain period indicating numbers involving 7 have a greater chance.
  • Ending Numbers – Ending numbers refer to the last digit of the winning numbers. If 2 is the ending number, then numbers ending in 2 will have a higher probability.
  • Target Numbers – These numbers are identified as having the maximum chance of hitting the target and being amongst the winning numbers in a given period. Target numbers are the most coveted numbers for Shillong Night Teer players.

Calculating Night Teer Common Numbers

There is no definitive formula or method for calculating Shillong Night Teer common numbers. They are derived based on extensive analysis of previous results over many years, identifying frequently repeating digits and patterns. Some of the ways common numbers are determined are:

  • Data Analysis – Experts thoroughly analyze the results chart of the last few months to identify numbers that have hit frequently. Commonly repeating numbers are noted.
  • Mathematical Formulas – Certain mathematical formulas and tables are applied on the data to predict numbers with higher probability. Statistical tools can help in identifying numbers.
  • Permutation & Combination – Using permutation and combination techniques on past result charts can help identify number patterns with higher chances of appearing.
  • Testing Numbers – Once probable common numbers are identified using above techniques, they are tested against upcoming results. Numbers that get confirmed over multiple results are filtered.
  • Intuition & Experience – Sites like have experts who have been studying results for many years. Their experience, intuition and ‘feel’ for numbers also plays a role in identifying common numbers.

Shillong Morning Teer Common Number, House, Ending

While we have focused on Shillong Night Teer so far, common numbers are also provided for the Shillong Morning Teer lottery. Here are some key details:

  • Shillong Morning Teer takes place at 9:30 AM daily instead of night time.
  • The calculation process for morning common numbers remains similar – based on past result analysis.
  • However, direct numbers, house numbers and endings differ due to timing.
  • Checking the specific morning teer common numbers before playing gives an advantage.
  • The numbers are usually available by early morning online for players.
  • Balancing common numbers with own guesses is advisable for morning teer too.
  • Experts recommend studying both morning and night results to detect full patterns.
  • Morning Teer also has hit/target numbers with high accuracy probabilities.
  • Serious Teer players make note of morning common numbers along with night.

How To Use Night Teer Common Numbers

Now that you know how common numbers are derived, let’s look at how to make the best use of them when playing Shillong Night Teer.

  • Start by checking the daily common numbers published on trusted sites like Make note of the direct numbers, house numbers, endings etc.
  • Use these common numbers to narrow down your options while betting. For example, if 7 is the house number, focus your bets on numbers containing 7 like 17, 27, 37 etc.
  • You can combine published common numbers with your own intuition and numbers you feel have a good chance. This increases your probability further.
  • Don’t solely depend on common numbers. Use them to guide your bets but also play other numbers you feel lucky about.
  • Make sure to cover both the house number and ending number in your bets. This covers both dimensions.
  • Observe the common numbers over some days to detect any patterns and numbers repeating frequently.
  • Never play all your bets on only the common numbers. Distribute across other numbers too for balancing risk.
  • Keep tabs on accuracy of the common numbers against final results. This helps gauge their effectiveness.

Using common numbers prudently while also trusting your own intuition is the mantra for maximizing your chances of winning Shillong Night Teer. Consistent usage can really help you hit the bull’s eye!

Understanding Night Teer Hit and Target Numbers

In addition to common numbers, some Shillong Teer experts also provide special “hit numbers” and “target numbers” for players. What are these?

Hit Numbers – These are specific numbers that are predicted to have a very high chance of hitting the target and being amongst the winning numbers in a particular period. They are provided after extensive analysis.

Target Numbers – As the name suggests, target numbers refer to the numbers most likely to hit the bull’s eye and win during a given period. These numbers are expected to have the maximum probability.

The difference between common numbers and hit/target numbers is that common numbers provide a broad range of probable numbers. But hit and target numbers zero in on the most likely 1 or 2 numbers predicted to win with very high accuracy.

Some key points on making use of night teer hit and target numbers:

  • Use these numbers only from very reliable and accurate sources.
  • Focus most of your bets on the hit and target numbers provided for that session.
  • Cross-verify the numbers against your own intuition before betting big.
  • Always hedge your bets slightly by still playing some non-hit numbers.
  • Observe accuracy of hit/target numbers over time before relying completely.
  • Don’t get swayed if some sessions don’t match – analyze consistency over at least 10 rounds.

With discipline and prudence, night teer hit and target numbers can become your closest allies in winning the Shillong teer lottery!

Shillong Night Teer 2 Common Numbers

We’ve so far focused on the 8:30 PM round of Shillong Night Teer. However, it’s important to remember that the lottery takes place twice daily.

The second round is at 10:45 PM and is called Shillong Night Teer 2. This round also has its own distinct set of common numbers.

  • Separate analysis is done by experts to predict the common numbers for the Night Teer 2 round based on past results.
  • The numbers tend to differ from the first round as the target conditions and other factors may vary at the later hour.
  • People who play the Night 2 round should check these common numbers specifically before betting.
  • Direct numbers, house numbers and endings are provided so players can maximize their chances.
  • Some players only focus on the Night 2 round for various reasons. The common numbers are crucial for them.
  • Updated Night Teer 2 common numbers are generally published online daily by 9 AM for players.
  • The calculation process remains similar – leveraging statistics, data analytics and experience.

So if you are a regular Shillong Night Teer player, be sure to keep a tab on both the first round and Night Teer 2 common numbers published daily by prediction experts. Use them smartly and see your chances of winning shoot up!

Final Tips and Conclusion

We’ve covered a lot of ground around Shillong Night Teer common numbers. Here are some final tips to summarize the key points:

  • Make checking the daily common numbers a habit before playing night teer.
  • Use the numbers intelligently but don’t rely solely on them when betting.
  • Balance common number bets with your own intuition and number selection.
  • Start conservatively until you have tracked common number accuracy over time.
  • Look for both repetitive direct numbers as well as changing trends.
  • Note down your bets and analyze results to improve over time.

To conclude, common numbers are a useful aid when playing the hugely popular Shillong Night Teer lottery. They improve your probability of correctly guessing the winning numbers. However, a degree of risk is always involved. Play responsibly, never beyond your means.

With the right discipline and prudent use of common numbers, you can become a pro Shillong Night Teer player over time. We hope this guide provides comprehensive knowledge to help you understand and utilize common numbers effectively in your pursuit of the winning bull’s eye!

What are Shillong Night Teer common numbers?

Common numbers refer to numbers that have a higher probability of getting hit and being part of the winning numbers in the Shillong Night Teer lottery.

How are common numbers calculated?

Through analysis of previous results, mathematical formulas, permutation-combination and experience, experts are able to predict numbers with higher chances of winning.

What are the different types of common numbers?

Direct numbers, house numbers, endings and target numbers. Each type helps narrow down probable winning numbers.

Should I only play the common numbers?

No, you should balance common numbers with your own intuition and spread your bets across other numbers too.

Where can I find updated Shillong Night Teer common numbers daily?

Websites like provide the latest common numbers for both Shillong Night Teer rounds every morning.

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