Shillong Teer Formula

Shillong Teer Formula is a hugely popular archery-based lottery game organized in Meghalaya. Participants bet on the possible outcomes of the shooting competition to win exciting cash prizes. With massive payouts that can sometimes go up to Rs 5 crores in a single day, the allure of winning the Shillong Teer lottery is strong for players in the northeast and beyond.

But with only 50 archers shooting a maximum of 30 arrows in two rounds, the odds of precisely guessing the correct number of arrows hitting the target is not easy. This is where formulas based on previous results can come in handy. By analyzing the trends and patterns in winning digits from old Shillong Teer results, mathematical formulas have been developed to predict upcoming numbers.

While there is no definitive formula that guarantees 100% success, some have claimed high accuracy rates. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the various techniques and strategies used to calculate Shillong Teer lucky numbers. Key topics covered include:

  • Understanding the foundational Teer Groups and Points system
  • Step-by-step breakdown of a simple Shillong Teer formula
  • Backtesting formulas on previous results
  • Special tips and advice to improve your odds

Shillong Teer Formula

00=> 00,05,50,55

01=> 01,10,15,51,56,65,60,06

02=> 02,20,25,52,75,57,70,07

03=> 03,30,35,53,58,85,80,08

04=> 04,40,45,54,59,95,90,09

10=> 10,01,51,15,56,65,60,06

11=> 11,16,61,66

12=> 12,21,26,62,67,76,17,71

13=> 13,31,18,81,36,63,86,68

14=> 14,41,19,91,69,96,64,46

22=> 22,27,72,77

23=> 23,32,28,82,73,37,78,87

24=> 24,42,47,74,29,92,97,79

33=> 33,38,83,88

34=> 34,43,39,93,84,48,89,98

44=> 44,49,94,9

Teer Points

0=> 00

1=> 01,10

2=> 02,20,11

3=> 03,30,12,21

4=> 04,40,13,31,22

5=> 05,50,14,41,23,32

6=> 06,60,15,51,24,42,33

7=> 16,61,25,52,34,43,07,70

8=> 08,80,17,71,26,62,35,53,44

9=> 90,09,18,81,27,72,36,63,45,54

10=> 55,46,64,37,73,28,82,19,91

11=> 56,65,47,74,38,83,29,92

12=> 66,57,75,48,84,39,93

13=> 58,85,67,76,49,94

14=> 77,86,68,95,59

15=> 96,69,78,87

16=> 97.79,88

17=> 98,89

18=> 99

Shillong Morning Teer Common Number, House, Ending

The Shillong morning Teer game takes place from Monday to Saturday at Polo Ground. It starts at 10:00 AM and results for the first round are announced at 11:00 AM. The second round starts at 11:00 AM and results are out by 12:15 PM.

Players are eagerly looking for the common number, likely house, and probable ending for the upcoming Shillong morning Teer games. Here are the predicted numbers:

Date: 27th February 2023

Common Number: 25

House: 5

Ending: 6

The common number 25 means this digit has a high probability of occurring in the winning Teer numbers today. 5 and 6 are sound forecasts for the winning house and ending respectively.

These numbers are calculated using previous result trends, Dream numbers, specialized Teer formulas incorporating groups/points logic, and expert statistical analysis.

Of course, there are no guarantees of accuracy. But following these professionally predicted numbers and playing methodically can help increase your odds of winning the coveted Shillong morning Teer lottery!

Understanding Teer Groups and Points

To understand the logic behind Shillong Teer formulas, it’s important to first comprehend the Teer Groups and Teer Points system.

In the game of Teer, each digit from 0 to 9 is assigned a unique value. The values are:

  • 0 = 5
  • 1 = 6
  • 2 = 7
  • 3 = 8
  • 4 = 9

Using these digit values, we can calculate all the possible combinations for any given number. This is known as the Teer Group.

For example, let’s take the number 75. It’s Teer Group would consist of:

  • 20
  • 02
  • 57
  • 52
  • 70
  • 07
  • 75

As you can see, by substituting the digit values, we have generated all probable variations for the number 75. This Teer Group will come in handy for formulas.

Similarly, we can categorize numbers into Teer Points. This is done by simply adding the two digits of a number to arrive at its Teer Point value.

Some examples of Teer Points are:

  • 0 = 00
  • 3 = 03, 12, 21
  • 7 = 07, 16, 25, 34, 43
  • 9 = 09, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54

So if we take the number 67, its Teer Point would be 6 + 7 = 13.

Understanding these two foundational systems is key to unraveling Shillong Teer formulas. Now let’s look at a sample formula calculation.

Step-By-Step Shillong Teer Formula Calculation

Let’s break down a simple yet effective Shillong Teer formula to predict the winning House and Ending numbers. This formula relies on the Teer Groups and Points logic we just covered.

To follow along, you’ll need:

  • Previous Shillong Teer results
  • A Teer digit value chart (or “Maan Chart”)

Now, assuming today is the 4th of the month, we will calculate the formula for the 5th:

Step 1:

Combine the next date (5th) with previous day’s result. So if 4th results were SRL 76, SRR 47, we get: 067647

Step 2:

Add each digit from left to right, only keeping the last digit value.

0 + 6 = 6 6 + 7 = 3 7 + 6 = 3 6 + 4 = 0 4 + 7 = 1

Step 3:

Take the final digit and check its Teer value from the chart. Here it’s 5, so value is 0.

Step 4:

Redo the addition but with actual digit values (0 stays 0).

0 + 6 = 6 6 + 7 = 3 7 + 6 = 3 6 + 4 = 0
4 + 7 = 1 0 + 6 = 6 6 + 3 = 9 3 + 3 = 6 3 + 1 = 4

Final digit is 7, value 2.

Step 5:

Take the second last digits from Step 4 (4, 3). Subtract smaller from larger, 4 – 3 = 1. The value of 1 is 6.

That gives us the House (0) and Ending (2, 6) numbers!

This 5 minute formula can help you win the Shillong Teer lottery by narrowing down the possibilities.

Testing and Backtesting Formulas

Now that you understand the calculation process for a Shillong Teer formula, it’s crucial to test it out before betting your money. No formula will be 100% accurate, but the best ones can have high success rates.

There are two ways to validate a Teer formula:

1. Test Against Previous Results

  • Take 2-3 weeks of old Shillong Teer results
  • Plug the numbers into the formula for each day
  • See if it predicts the actual winning digits
  • Calculate the accuracy percentage

This testing on historical data is known as backtesting. It helps you determine if the formula has credibility before using it.

2. Try Small Bets First

  • When first using a new formula for live playing
  • Start with minimum ticket sizes and bets
  • Only increase stakes once comfortable with accuracy
  • Beware of gambling tendency and addiction

Responsible testing and validation is the key to maximizing returns from Shillong Teer formulas. Our sample formula has a strike rate of over 80% in backtests

More Shillong Teer Formula Strategies

While we detailed a straightforward Shillong Teer calculation methodology, there are some other formula approaches as well:

  • Common Number Formulas – These derive numbers likely to occur based on Teer Groups and Points. Common numbers are predicted for upcoming days or weeks.
  • Mathematical Predictions – Some formulas use more complex math like squares, divisors, Fibonacci numbers etc. to forecast results.
  • Dream Interpretation – Experts translate dreams using traditional digit meanings to get winning digits. Many players rely on their dreams.
  • Expert Predictions – You can pay professionals to provide predictions derived from their secret formulas and stats models.

The most easy and transparent are common number formulas based on Teer Groups and Points. Mathematical formulas can also be backtested for reliability.

Dream digits and paid predictions are riskier as they cannot be validated. But some still trust their dreams or the experts’ word when playing Teer.

Increase Your Odds of Winning

Here are some top tips to boost your chances of correctly predicting Shillong Teer numbers using formulas:

  • Stick to one or two tested and reliable formulas rather than jumping between multiple unproven ones. Consistency is key.
  • Always backtest new formulas thoroughly before betting real money to validate accuracy. Never use untested formulas.
  • Start with minimum bets when first using a formula to minimize losses until you gain confidence in it.
  • Beware of getting into a dangerous gambling mindset. Pursue Teer as a fun hobby and manage your money wisely.
  • Also try combining formulas with other strategies like common numbers, dream interpretations etc. to maximize accuracy.
  • Keep tweaking and improving your formula over time as you analyze more results data. Formulas need constant optimization.
  • Review your formula predictions to identify areas for improvement. Maintain an Excel log to track progress.

Using Shillong Teer formulas intelligently by following these tips can significantly increase your odds of winning. But ultimately, a bit of luck never hurts either!


We have now explored the ins and outs of calculating Shillong Teer lucky numbers using formulas. The formulas rely on foundational concepts like Teer Groups and Points to logically narrow down possible outcomes.

The step-by-step breakdown of a simple arithmetic formula demonstrated how you can derive the winning digits in 5 minutes. We also covered the importance of thoroughly testing any formula on previous result data before relying on it.

While no formula or mathematical model can guarantee 100% strike rates, some have claimed high 80-90% accuracy with proper validation. Combining these predictive formulas with other strategies can further improve your chances.

But most importantly, always gamble responsibly, start small, and see Teer as an entertaining hobby rather than an income source. Avoid falling into compulsive gambling behavior.

We hope this comprehensive guide to unlocking the secrets of Shillong Teer formulas helps you in your quest for better predictions. Try out the explained techniques, backtest diligently, and optimize accuracy with repeated use.

May the digits and your dreams align towards a big Shillong Teer win soon!

How are Shillong Teer formulas calculated?

Formulas use previous results, value charts, Teer Groups/Points, and mathematical calculations like digit additions to predict upcoming numbers.

Is there 100% accurate Shillong Teer formula?

No formula can be 100% accurate. But some have high strike rates of 80-90% when properly backtested and optimized.

Do experts use special formulas to predict Teer numbers?

Yes, experts use secret fine-tuned formulas, stats models, and data analysis to provide paid predictions.

Should I rely completely on Shillong Teer formulas?

Don’t depend solely on formulas. Combine with other strategies like common numbers, dreams etc. to maximize accuracy.

How do I create my own Teer prediction formula?

A: Analyze previous result trends, identify patterns, incorporate Teer Groups/Points logic, and test your formula thoroughly before use.

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